Manage your subscription

How can I move to paid plan?

If you are a Userlove trial user, you can purchase your subscription directly from the Billing page and tailor it your needs, just click on Upgrade Plan button and select the features you want to purchase.

You have the ability to switch between Monthly and Annual subscription. You can buy extra domains, Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and Team Users as per your requirement.

Once you are done with the selection, you can review your plan on the right. Click on the Subscribe Plan button to make the payment.

How does downgrading work?

If you want to downgrade your subscription you can visit the Billing Page and click on the Upgrade Plan button, or switch to the Change/Upgrade Plan tab. Deselect the features you do not need and click on the Change Plan button once you've reviewed the changes. Any unused credit amount will remain with your account and can be used for future purchases. Switching from Annual subscription to Monthly Subscription will also work the same way.

How can I download my invoice?

You can download invoice from Billing page, just click on Invoice tab on this page

How can I view my current subscription?

To check your current subscription you can visit the Billing Page.

My card is about to expire, how can I add a new card?

You can easily add new card details from Billing page and click on Add new payment method button and enter your new card details.

You can add multiple cards and set one of them as primary to make payments more convenient.

How can I view or download previous invoices?

You can download your previous invoices from Billing section and click on Invoice tab where you can see all your previous invoices. Click on the menu button or the Invoice number to download that invoice.

How to cancel your Userlove subscription?

We're sorry to hear that you're considering canceling your Userlove subscription. To proceed with the cancellation, navigate to the Billing page and click on the Cancel Subscription button.

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