How to create Checklist?

An onboarding checklist is required to guide new users through the primary actions needed to find value and complete the setup of a product, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience.

Userlove's onboarding checklist feature is ideal for new users, especially those who are on the free plan or trial, those who have not completed a key activation event, or those who have been just signup recently in your application. This feature helps users progress through the primary actions to find value and complete the setup of your product.

Checklist items will be marked as complete when their success condition has been met, whether or not the user has clicked the item within the checklist.

The "Beacon" is the button users click to open the Checklist dialog, which is persistent and stays in one place until the user completes the checklist or is no longer eligible. You can position the Beacon in the bottom left, bottom right, top left, or top right of your application.

To create an onboarding checklist with Userlove, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Userlove account and click on "Checklist" from the left sidebar menu.

  2. Click on the "Create new checklist" button.

  3. Customize the content of the checklist dialog, including the title, description, beacon text by directly from widget preview or you can also change it from sidebar panel.

  4. For your convenience by default new checklist comes with two sample checklist item, you can edit those items by clicking on gear icon, or click "Add more item" to add additional items to your list. Give each item a name that users will identify with.

  5. Then, you can set up what will happen when the item is clicked:

    • Go to a page: Add a URL that you'd like to redirect your users to.

    • Launch a experience: Select any Userlove's experience a user will see once they click the list item.

    • Mark item completed: The best success criteria is the completion of an action, which can be tied to an Event. When that Event occurs the Item will be checked. You can also use the completion of any Userlove experience or a User property.

  6. Next, you can change checklist widget color, styling, position, progress bar, fonts etc.

  7. On Channel tab you can choose where you want to display checklist, for test you can select sandbox option and select any sandbox templates to try on.

  8. Select the target audience for your onboarding checklist by adding an existing segment or create new segment.

  9. Specify the path(s) that you want your checklist to show on on selected domain where you would like your checklist to appear.

  10. Once all of your checklist targeting is set up, go ahead and publish the checklist. You can then sign in to your platform, navigate to a page where you expect the checklist to appear, and test it!

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