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What is Userlove?

Userlove is a unified user experience, onboarding, engagement and adoption platform designed to empower anyone on your team, regardless of technical expertise. With its intuitive no-code design, marketers, product managers, and support teams can create targeted modals, product guided tours, surveys, and other user experiences to unleash your product's potential and increase engagement, retention, and conversion rates. No need to burden your engineering team with implementation – Userlove makes it easy for your team to create and publish experiences to the right users at the right time.

Is there a free trial available for Userlove?

Yes, there is! You can try out Userlove without committing to a plan and without the need for a credit card. Our trial provides full access to all features, giving you the opportunity to determine if Userlove is a good technical fit for your business. During the first 14 days of the trial, you can showcase an unlimited amount of Userlove content.

What is the definition of monthly active users (MAUs)?

MAUs are determined by the total number of unique users who sign in to your platform within a month. This approach is used to ensure that you are not charged for inactive users who may be in your database but have not logged any activity during a specific month. MAUs are calculated on a rolling 30-day basis and are updated every night.

If I exceed my plan limit (i.e. exceed the MAUs allowed), what will happen?

If you go over your plan limit, Userlove will keep all of your content running for 7 days, and notify you about the excess usage. Userlove will then charge the applicable prorated upgrade fee to move your account to the correct MAU tier.

What could be causing my MAU count to be higher than expected?

If your MAU count is much higher than expected, ensure that Userlove is not installed on public-facing pages to avoid counting irrelevant users. If this does not seem to be the issue, contact us at suppo[email protected], and we will assist you in resolving the problem.

Do I have to pay for users who don't interact with Userlove content?

Yes, Userlove charges based on Monthly Active Users (MAUs) regardless of whether they have seen any content or not.

What is Product Tour?

A product tour is a guided walk-through of a product's features and functionality designed to help users understand how to use the product effectively. It can be a series of screens or pop-ups that highlight different parts of the product and provide information on how to use them. Product tours are typically used during onboarding to help new users get up to speed quickly, but they can also be used to introduce new features or functionality to existing users.
Userlove enables you to design various types of guided tours and present them in a personalized, context-based approach.

What is Userlove Surveys?

With Userlove Surveys, you can easily gather feedback from your users inside your product, without needing coding or engineering skills. Simply create custom microsurveys with questions that can be triggered at the right time to get valuable feedback from your engaged users.

What types of Surveys can I create?

You can create and customized any types of surveys as per your need, we have built in following types of survey template to choose from:
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Product-Market Fit (PMF)

What is Onboarding Checklist?

An onboarding checklist is a list of tasks and activities that a user needs to complete in order to get started with a product or service. In Userlove, you can create an in-product menu of tours, links, and microsurveys that serve as a checklist for your users. You can create multiple checklists, each configured by use case, custom audience, and style. This provides a personalized and contextual way to guide users through the onboarding process and improve their overall experience with your product or service.

What is Userlove Sandbox?

Userlove Sandbox is indeed a feature that enables you to test Userlove's features and functionalities without needing to install it in your production environment. By using Userlove Sandbox demo apps, you can experiment with the platform's features in a demo application, which allows you to explore its capabilities and assess how it can be beneficial for your business before implementing it in your actual production environment.