Team, roles & permissions

You can regulate which team members can publish Userlove experiences and modify account-wide settings by managing roles and permissions

How to invite user to team?

You can easily invite more team members to your Userlove account by accessing the "Teams" page in your account settings, where you can invite new members to join your account and remove them from your team.

To invite new teammate click on "Add team user" and enter your teammate email, name and select role for that user. This allows more individuals to utilize Userlove for better collaboration and productivity.

After you invite a teammate to join your Userlove account, they will receive an email containing a verification link. Upon clicking the link and signing in to, they will be granted the status of an admin user.

How to manage roles and permissions for my team?

By clicking on Role & Permission link under Setting section, you can create, edit and delete roles for your teammates

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