Styling & Customization

Learn how to change colors, fonts and other styling options to your Userlove Experiences.

With Userlove, you have the flexibility to customize the style of your Experiences, ensuring that they seamlessly blend with your brand and purpose. Whether it's an Product Tour, Survey or an Onboarding Checklist, you have full control over the appearance to make it look and feel native.

Global brand styling

You can set default color, fonts and styling so you don't need to set it every time when you building new experiences, you can easily setup by following steps

  • Click on Theme option from left sidebar menu, by default you get light theme.

Theme has four section for styling Branding, Product Tour, Survey and Checklist, you have full control over each experience type.

You can easily set text colors, fonts, backdrop color, backdrop opacity, button colors & styles.

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